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Let’s go home..

I mistaken another car for my dad’s. My dad drove this rare car like a rare pokemon, so I thought it was my dad’s car the moment I came out from the school gate. 😐

This is why, we must always lock our car door.


My Wife’s Butt Got Kissed Again.





The other day, I was too concentrating on the GPS. I forgot to pull my handbrake and the car slipped backwards without noticing. After that it was all honing and honing and ended with a Bang!

Surprisingly, there were no scratch at all again (Previous accident) . LOL Seriously not even a tiny winy scratch or paint off.

I was wondering…

Maybe the cars casings were too soft to lay any scratch or maybe the crash was too slow and soft or…


stopping the crash. LOL

I believe its Pafu doing. Hahaha..

P/S: The cars involved were Saga BLM and Viva.


My Wife’s Butt Got Kissed.

Me and my friend rushed out from the car and check the damage, so was the driver behind me.

As it was the first time that I actually bumped into someone in my driving history. I really have no idea what to do and what to negotiate. So I quickly apologized and said I will pay for the damage without really discussing who actually hit who in the first place. XD

But luckily the damage done wasn’t anything serious and my friend paid for it on behalf of me. ^^


The same thing happened when I’m in Kuching and I reversed and hit a 5-Series BMW. Luckily there was no driver in the car and no scratches from both car. XD

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