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Past is Past. Leave it or else..

The other day, I flew back to Kuching to attend my buddy’s wedding dinner…





Anyway, a Happy Wedding and congratulations to my bro. Now, 2 down, 7 to go..

I can’t wait to get ang pows (red packets with $) from them. Bwahahahaha.. It’s a custom for the married couple to give ang pows the singles during Chinese New Year. XD


Miao is Sorry

My senior and I, we always do weird things.

For example, I apologizing for scaring her in her nightmare yesterday. XD


On the side note, my senior has phobia with cats, she will stays 5m away from cats and runs in scream if they try to get any closer. I remembered I used to have this phone ringtone of a cat meowing and it scared the hell out of her. XD

And she’s not the only one, there’s another colleague who’s also phobia of cats. If you happen to mention the word ‘cat’ in front of them, both of them will look around for the ‘cat’ you mentioned and prepare to run. XD

Beside my siblings, most of the people around me does not like cats at all. T3T Either they are all dog lovers or they just plain anti animals. 🙁  Anyone here scared/dislike /hate cats? Care to tell me why? They are so cool and cute…right right??


Oh wait..

Why are they not afraid of me???

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