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Festive Season

Snake Year wallpaper is here!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!! Let’s Snake (lazy/slack) for the year!!!

Gong Xi Gong Xi!!

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I did not manage to make a CNY theme but here’s a Life of Miao(Pi) theme to replace the Christmas one ^^

You can then replace the wallpaper with Chinese New Year one.



Miao had white rice for Lunch

I had white rice only for lunch.

Next time must remember not to eat everything there is on the dining table.




Oh ya, here’s a Chinese New Year wallpaper I made, it’s a Life of Pi themed one.

Will made another one if I have the time as some of them ask for a snake wallpaper since the upcoming year is a snake year. Anyway, if you like this wallpaper, you can get them from the download page.




Oh in case you didn’t notice, I’m actually running for this Creative Blog Award at MSMW.

Do vote for me ya. 🙂 You just need to vote once. Thanks.




Chinese New Year Wallpaper 2011

Kekeke.. Chinese New Year 2011 wallpaper is here.

No more Lion Dance. I present you the Wabbit Dance.

Get them from Download Page

Hope you guys love it 🙂

Dong Chiang Dong Chiang Chiang Chiang!!!

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