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Start the New Year with a Collaboration

Good Morning All!!!!

Woohooo!!! It’s a Brand New Year!!!  Miao&WafuPafu wishes all the BEST and nothing but the BEST for your 2012!!!

May all your dreams and resolutions come true this year, the last year!! (like what the MAYANS said)


Chase all your Dreams!!!

Fulfill all your Resolutions!!!



It’s my dream to group all the comic bloggers together to make something big and different. And last year, I managed to create the Comic Doodle Blogger Group and gathered some comic bloggers together for a Malaysia Day Collab. It had been growing pretty well 😀

And since 2012  is here, we made something for this New Year.

First, check out the teaser below made by Kyo from Koudamainframe

Since it’s 2012, we thought of making a Doom’s Day theme.

and here’s my story.. 😀

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Collab: Malaysia Day

(click for full version)

The day we’re together as one. 🙂

And in conjunction of this Malaysia Day, we, the Malaysia’s Comic&Doodle Bloggers came together for a collaboration just to wish you all..

A Happy Independence Day to Sabahan and Sarawakian!!

A Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians and Happy Holiday to all who are in Malaysia!!!!

Woohoo MALAYSIANS for the WIN!!

Btw, here’s a list of the Comic&Doodle Bloggers who participated.  from left to right

1. Bolehland http://www.bolehland.net
2. Sharkox http://www.thesharkox.com/
3. Theeggyolks http://theeggyolks.blogspot.com/
4. cheeChingy http://cheechingy.com
5. theBROS http://dontlikethatbro.blogspot.com/
6. UTAR BOY http://utarboy.blogspot.com/
7. Pauline http://iknowyoudontgiveadamnaboutmylife.blogspot.com/
8. Ernest http://dontlikethatbro.blogspot.com
9. Kouda Mainframe http://koudamainframe.blogspot.com/
10. MissMorbids http://missmorbids.net/
11. Pek Chek Kia http://pekchekkia.com
12. SolarCrab http://solarcrab.blogspot.com/
13. akiraceo https://akiraceo.com

Do check their awesome blogs out!!! RAWR!! Especially the last one!  oh wait.. that’s .. me

Anyway, I really had lots of fun during this collaboration, the bloggers were simply awesome and fun to work with.

 Hope we can have more collaborations in future 🙂

By the way, if you’re a Malaysia Comic/Doodle Blogger, do join us at Facebook ^^ The more the merrier.

P/S: my explanation on the Malaysia Day might not be 100% correct, its just a rough idea 😛

P/S: Correction! Malaya was not formed on 31August but gained independence that day(source: Nana)

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