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Sarawak Trip

Gawai is here!! Nyirup Nyirup!! (Epi 6)

Previously on epi 4, I slept at 10pm while admiring the awesomeness of fireflies.

Like they always say, everything comes with a cost. The awesome view comes with a back ache. As we were visitors, there were no mattress for us. We were forced to sleep on thin Mat. (So thin it doesn’t add any comfort to the sleep). So, basically we were sleeping on hard wood planks.  T3T I thought my sleep was bad until…

It seems my P.A, Mel encountered a paranormal activity on the first night. She heard a little girl repetitively counting numbers from 1 to 9 in English in the middle of the night.  The scary part is that.. there’s no little girl in our house or 2-3 houses next to ours. If there is, she won’t be speaking in English. Jeng Jeng Jeng..

Then again, le P.A, Mel does not believe in paranormal activities or beings from underworld, and so she concluded that it was her brother who dream talk and pretend to be a little girl.  (which makes no sense at all, imo =..=)

May I know anyone here do not believe in ghost/devil/demon? and anyone here who do not believe in aliens?


Oh, Finally, it’s Gawai!!!!

Just like Chinese New Year or Raya, they visit doors to doors but in one big group, and everyone sits outside the house on Mat and starts chit chating, eating snacks and lots of drinking.


The owner of the door walked around with a bottle of liquor and a  glass. Every grown ups are require to drink the liquor in one shot. The number of shot depends on how many rounds the owner manage to make and get to you. XD

That’s the most awkward and funny moment. I can’t help to laugh at him in the end, sorry. XP

(actual speech quotes)

I didn’t see the dog after that. Maybe…

Le star of the longhouse.

Le stinky dog.

Oh, everyone like this dog though and another twin of his.

Wait what’s that behind it?

I didn’t know we have a political party branded product before this.


As there weren’t much families that came back for Gawai. The visiting lasts for a well only..

To kill time, we head over to the jetty to relax, read books and drawing..

It’s a very relaxing place to be, with the breeze, the view and also the calm river.

Speaking of calm river.. it’s actually very very dangerous..

P.A’s dad has warned me about it…

It seems my stupid P.A, do not know what it’s a warning and what’s superstitious. I actually hoped a crocodile will show up back then to teach her a lesson.

Speaking of crocodile attacks, just a few months ago, a guy was eaten by a crocodile in a town nearby when he had an urge and pooed by the river.


Because it was a big day, we decided to have a whole chicken for dinner.

So P.A Papa brought us to the farm to catch our dinner.

Hello chicken~

Thank you for this..

Oh Hello Monkey~ thank you for…

No, we did not eat the monkeys.


We had a night visit that night. It was an awesome experience to walk in the jungle in pitch black with only a torch. You never knows what you gonna step on. XD

The trip was only 15 minutes but..

Sighh.. sad case.

Well, that ends another night at the longhouse.

to be continued.. Finale tomorrow!!

P/S: Sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes.

Gawai Longhouse Sarawak Trip

Honest Boss + Iban Custom and Taboo (Gawai Trip Epi 2)

At last I reached the small town of Pantu.

It is really a super small town with one row of shops, a school and a couple of authority buildings.

Before we depart our way to the jetty, they asked me to go buy a flip flop as the water might get in the boat (what the meow?!) and the ride might get a little wet.

And so, I went to this small grocery shop and encountered this…

The boss from this place is soooo honest, he didn’t want to “cheat” my 20 cents where the lady boss insist to hike the price up for the city cat me. 😐 then, he secretly pass me the 20 cents and asked me to faster leave the shop. LOL

After that, we took a few minutes walk to the jetty..

Before embarked the journey, PA’s Papa told me about this custom the Iban people used to have..

Sometimes, I wonder why do I hire her.. LOL

Gosh the boat was super small (slim to be exact). Can only fit a person and it swings when it’s not moving. Feel like it’s gonna turn over anytime. XD Scary shit.

PA’s Papa told me a taboo while on the boat…

My Wafu Pafu still never stop trying to kill me.

The ride was alright. I was expecting to going through thick forest but logging was serious. PA’s Papa told us that in the old days, one cannot view the mountains or much of the sky with the thick tall forest but now….sigh..

Here’s the mountain we’re heading, the long house is located right by it’s foot.

To be continued.. (tomorrow or tonight. 😉 )

Coming up next: Flying boat?!


Woohooo!!! We’re on WWWOW award this year!!

Can you do us a favor….

Click Click!

Thank youuuuu so much~~~ 🙂


Miao at Work.

There’s a reason why most artist hide themselves in the room. XD The process where they brainstorming could  be funny and creepy. Sometimes you might even heard them talking to themselves in the room. XD


Almost a or 2 months ago, I was invited to help out to draw something for a co-working space, Work Palette.  If you wonder what is this co-working space, it’s actually a place where you rent a space, room or seat to do your work.

Best for freelancers and young entrepreneurs who yet want to own an office of their own. Here’s some photos of the place.

Some of the drawings I did..

Feel free to drop by there to check out the rest. 🙂

If you are interested bout the place and their service, do visit @WorkPalette Facebook  and Site

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