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The Day Pafu left Us.

Sunday, 14 June marked the day the Great Robo Hamster Pafu left the world for a better place.

May Him Rest in Peace.


To clear things up, Pafu is the healthy chubby fatty hamster while Wafu is the wild bald hamster.

Pafu was healthy all along until today he went berserk and jumped around and he even flipped his body over while “screaming” in pain. I quickly put him in the temporary tank and took him over to the Vet but sadly he did not manage to make it through the 8-10 minutes drive.

In the end, I drove to the supermarket for a cloth and mini shovel for the funeral. I buried him under a big tree behind my apartment hoping that it will protect him from both the sun and the rain. May he rest well there.

Everything happened so suddenly. He was only 1 year + when he died while I expected he would live another 1-2 years longer. Life is really unpredictable.

I bet Wafu is gonna be lonely from now on and so do I. We all will certainly miss you, Pafu.

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