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A Sign or a Warning?

Had a dream few nights ago. I dreamed of getting this dream phone of mine, the HTC Desire HD. I remembered I bought it for 1499 in the dream and I was so happy. I was enjoying it until I found out I have no money to buy any food. @@ I ended up running around asking people to buy the phone.

This is the first time I had this kind of dream. @@ I believe it might be either  a warning or a sign. A warning for me never to get the smartphone, or a sign for me to…




go buy a 4D number…

Well, I believe the later one and went and bought  1499 😛


Miao is Sorry

My senior and I, we always do weird things.

For example, I apologizing for scaring her in her nightmare yesterday. XD


On the side note, my senior has phobia with cats, she will stays 5m away from cats and runs in scream if they try to get any closer. I remembered I used to have this phone ringtone of a cat meowing and it scared the hell out of her. XD

And she’s not the only one, there’s another colleague who’s also phobia of cats. If you happen to mention the word ‘cat’ in front of them, both of them will look around for the ‘cat’ you mentioned and prepare to run. XD

Beside my siblings, most of the people around me does not like cats at all. T3T Either they are all dog lovers or they just plain anti animals. 🙁  Anyone here scared/dislike /hate cats? Care to tell me why? They are so cool and cute…right right??


Oh wait..

Why are they not afraid of me???


Time for Your Dreams to Come True.

Yes, getting a dream job of your choice is not an easy task.
Apparently, I’m taking a longer way to it but there’s actually an easy way to it.

That’s it with the help from Nescafe Kick-start.

Nescafe Kick-start, a contest, a reality show that had been giving young Malaysians the opportunities to make their dreams comes true over the years is now back again to make dreams comes true.

Previously, Nescafe Kick-start had been focused mainly on business and entrepreneurship where the competitors required to come up with plans and ideas for their new business. And the winner will win him/herself a capital for their business.

How about those whose dreams are not to be a successful business person?
That’s what this new Nestle Kick-start season is about.

In this new season, Nescafe Kick-start will offer 15 dream jobs to choose from. The winner will win him/herself a 3 months internship at their dream job of choice.

Just 3 simple steps and you are on your way to your dream job.

Simply pick 3 of the most interesting dream jobs from the 15 jobs listed on Nescafe Kick-start.

Make a self promotional video telling the public and judges why you should get the dream job.
The top 15 participants will be chosen and proceed to the final.

The 15 finalists are required to outdo each other in a 24 hours of physical and mental challenges showing the employer your capability. This challenge will be broadcast live online.

Start securing your dream job now.

In case, you’re wondering what’s my dream since small..

I’m wonder how long will it takes for me to get there… T3T

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