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One Step to be the Fastest Driver in Town

How to be a driver.. a fast driver, the fastest way?

There’s only one step needed…







Had this urge to poop last night when i was outside having drinks with friends.

Gosh I drove super fast yesterday overtaking every single vehicle in front of me. >.<

Luckily I survive and reached home before it bursts.

Thank you…


The Uninvited Hitchhiker

I never had a mosquito in my car before but just yesterday this mosquito somehow got into my car. Instead of sitting still or flying in the  empty seats behind, it decided to fly in front of my eyes. It was annoying to the max.  Hardly can concentrate on the road.

I tried waved it away with my paw but it’s still there.. In the end, I wind down the window for it..

but it decided to stay! T3T

Stop bothering meee larr..

Maybe I should threaten him like how i did last time with the cockcroach. XD


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