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Surprise your Crush with GiftBlob

Guys!!! Forgetful guys!! *koff koff* Do check this app out! It can really save your asses! XD Never again you missed any important dates and birthday with this Mobile Gifting Lifestyle app!

It links up with Facebook and it’s sync with all the birthdays! With one simple click and they will send gifts to her/his doorstep.

Easy Peasy!! Life saver!!

You can even send to your crush!! Anonymously!! You don’t even need her address, they will ask her for address, and the gift will deliver to her! Cool kan!

So wait are you waiting for? Send me gifts nowww *koff koff*

Go to the store now and check it out.  > v <


On the side note, please help to send me far far away. Do help to vote for me please for this travel blogging contest~~

You only need to vote ONCE! One vote per email.

Step by Step.

1. insert email, press vote.

2. check email, press link to confirm vote.

Thank youuu sooo muchhh

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