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Festive Season

Happy Halloween 2012

Sorry guys, I was too busy lately and didn’t manage to come out with a Halloween wallpaper this year.

Then again, I managed to redraw my old comics from this post for this Halloween.


The Types of Ghost Movie Goers

Hahaha which one are you?

The veges are my colleagues and the animals are my buddies. 😀

Gonna draw more of them in the future. ^^




By the way, it’s Halloween, anyone going for party this coming weekend?

If you do, I have some suggestions here. 😛

This are six of my scariest costumes for 2012! Which one scares you?


I will be back tomorrow for a post :3 Do stay tune yo.

Actually, I posted these comics on my Facebook Page.

I repost them here just in case, you are not following on my FB 🙂

Festive Season

Happy Halloween to all!!

Happy Halloween to all~~ 😀

It’s actually not something everyone celebrate here in Malaysia, there’s no trick or treats or public holiday. At most, clubs and cafes will hold a costume parties or Halloween events around this time (a business gimmick XD ).

And those who attends probably just for the sake of either dressing up or partying instead of celebrate the day itself. Well, nothing wrong with that as long as everyone happy and enjoy 🙂 right?

Anyway, I did a wallpaper for this year’s Halloween. You can download it here.

Just wondering, if you choose to dress up for a Halloween, who will you dress up as?

For me, I would go for a vampire because it’s the most easiest to dress up. XD Just wear a very smart tuxedo with a fang. Settle!


Oh, on the side note, do check out the Halloween post done by Glow~


Animax Cosplay Blogging Contest Winner

Woooohhooooo… The Cat and the hamsters are going to Hong Kong!!!

H to the O to the N to G to the KONG~~


But still, I  need to thank you all for the comments on the posts 😀

Thank you thank you~ ^^


Well, this is gonna be my first time to Hong Kong :D. Super excited right now~~ Woohoo..

Anyone here went there before? Can tell me what should I do, eat and visit over there?

Cause on my previous trip to Thailand, I didn’t manage to ask you guys and ended up clueless in Hatyai. @@


Hmm..I think it would be a better trip since at least I understand Cantonese and speaks a little too… well sort of. XD

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