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Miao joins the Pact

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The above is just a demonstration. No cockroach is killed in the making of this comic strip.

Seriously, don’t drink and drive. You have no idea what you will get yourself into if you do. I know you saw these a lot on the newspaper and on the commercial but still don’t!!!

As for me, usually when I’m driving I would restricted myself from drinking too much.  And when I’m not driving, I always bring my friends along, not any friends but those who will not drink much if they know they’re driving, so I can drink as much as I can. Wakakakaka…

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On the side note, Johnnie Walker is currently having a campaign to encourage people with the idea of not to drink and drive. And as one of the world’s top F1 racer and the ambassador for Johnie Walker, Mika Hakkinen is collecting as many signatures and vows from people into this.

As a determined cat, I just made my pledge of Never Drink and Drive by supporting Mika Hakkinen in the Join the Pact to Never Drinks and Drive campaign. If you support the idea of not to drink and drive, you can join me in this. Just register yourself  at www.blackcircuit.com.my, support on Mika and sign your name to make your vow to Never Drink and Drive.

See the screenshot of my signature here:

Join the Pact SS

Yeah, I signed my site address on it :P.

In the other hand, if you signed up with the pledge, you are will be automatically in the running to win tickets to watch the Singapore Grand Prix 2009, meeting Lewis Hamilton  in person, invites to the Singapore GP party without even worry about accomodation as its included if you won!! Cool right? ^^

There’s another great news for you hardcore fans out there, this coming 12 of September, Mika will be at the Sunway Pyramid for the launch and JTP Supercar demo run. Do come and catch him in person, its a rare chance not to be missed. Datang! Jangan tak datang! 😛

Join the pact-8

For those who don’t know, Nuffnang is having this contest in helping Mika Hakkinen out in promoting the Never Drink and Drive idea out to people. For the winner of the contest, one is entitled to have a lifetime  experience ride in the JTP Supercar, the supercar that capable of accelerating from 0 to 100mph (160km/hour) within 5 seconds. Yes! Mika will be driving you around in it.

Do come join the Contest and the Pact in spreading the idea not to drink and drive. ^^

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