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Design and Win RM10,000 with NESCAFE Chill-lah Express

Advertorial ahead: An advertorial once a while keeps the cat from eating only instant noodle for meal. Do support 🙂

Well, if you love both of them, you will love this!!

The NESCAFE Chill-Lah Express Design Contest!!

Design the Nescafe can and get the chance to win RM10,000 cash and also get your design printed on the Nescafe can as limited edition!!! 😀

Here’s how. First, login in your Facebook and visit the NESCAFE Chill-lah app.

And there’s no need for any professional programs like Photoshop or Illustrator installed in your PC.

Here’s how it’s done!

Firstly, what you can do is to Choose A Theme under Tools

I picked Retro cause he loves the funky 70’s!

Roly Poly the win!

Then head over and click the Tools tab and start designing.

Once done. Save it and click via “View AR”!

Next, the application will request permission to use the webcam. Allow it. Now, take out your NESCAFE can and let the app detects it and puts your design on it.

Click Snap when you’re ready. See how easy it is? 🙂

Register yourself  and press Submit and you’re done!

Send more entries for more chance to win.

Still confused? Well, there’s an instruction video of how you can design your own Nescafe can!

For more details, check out the NESCAFE page here.

O.o what the..


Time for Your Dreams to Come True.

Yes, getting a dream job of your choice is not an easy task.
Apparently, I’m taking a longer way to it but there’s actually an easy way to it.

That’s it with the help from Nescafe Kick-start.

Nescafe Kick-start, a contest, a reality show that had been giving young Malaysians the opportunities to make their dreams comes true over the years is now back again to make dreams comes true.

Previously, Nescafe Kick-start had been focused mainly on business and entrepreneurship where the competitors required to come up with plans and ideas for their new business. And the winner will win him/herself a capital for their business.

How about those whose dreams are not to be a successful business person?
That’s what this new Nestle Kick-start season is about.

In this new season, Nescafe Kick-start will offer 15 dream jobs to choose from. The winner will win him/herself a 3 months internship at their dream job of choice.

Just 3 simple steps and you are on your way to your dream job.

Simply pick 3 of the most interesting dream jobs from the 15 jobs listed on Nescafe Kick-start.

Make a self promotional video telling the public and judges why you should get the dream job.
The top 15 participants will be chosen and proceed to the final.

The 15 finalists are required to outdo each other in a 24 hours of physical and mental challenges showing the employer your capability. This challenge will be broadcast live online.

Start securing your dream job now.

In case, you’re wondering what’s my dream since small..

I’m wonder how long will it takes for me to get there… T3T

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