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Almost Purrfect

Was at a cafe near my house the other day to escape my sauna alike room. It was a perfect place to do my work; air conditioned, hot coffee, jazz song, comfy seats.. ahhh.. nice. Everything was just right until this customer came in and start watching his drama series in the cafe ruined the peace and quiet there. =.= How inconsiderate. 🙁

Sometimes I just wish there’s a peace and quiet zone and non-quiet zone in a cafe, just like the usual smoking and non-smoking zone 😛



The Day Miao Forgot to Bring his Mp3 player

is the day….

Don’t know bout you guys but I can’t really concentrate when there are too many noises around and lately my office is getting noisier than before. @@ Sometimes, it really feels like I’m at the market instead of an office.

There are so many noises, noise from the unanswered phones, tape/dot printer machine, fax, people chating, people shouting and also people talking So Loud to another person over the phone in the same office that you can actually hear both of them (if you get what i mean). XD

So most of the time I will bring my MP3 and listen to it while doing my work. Well, I’m not the only one, my senior and some other bosses also can’t stand the noise and listen to MP3s too. 😛

And yesterday, I happened to forgot my MP3, it was one of the worst Monday ever… T3T

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