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Miao at the Oreo Daddy’s Dunk Event

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Last Sunday, Oreo organized a Father’s Day event, Oreo’s Daddy Dunk event at One Utama Shopping mall. So I took some time and went over to check it out.

And man, there was a lot of people when I reached there.
Aaron Aziz was already there having some games with the fathers there.

He was trying to show how to get a Oreo cookie in the mouth without using the hands.

One of the fathers took his turn but too bad he failed.

Just right after the game, Aaron received a surprise gift from his two children, two hand made Father Day’s cards. It was so sweet. :)While the fans lining up for signature from Aaron, I walked around and have a look at the place.

Saw a lot of fathers with their children. Some how all of them happened to be daughters. ^^”

Some of them look familiar. I think I have seen them some where before. Can’t remember.. hmm

Anyway, saw Cindy there too, taking a photo of her dad with the gigantic Oreo Cookie.

After a while, the Sinar FM DJs came and having more games with the audience and given out goodies bags. I continued to walk around.

Saw this daddy preparing some Oreo Milk Shake. Kinda reminds me of my dad when he’s cooking. :’) and gosh I love the SuperDad shirt he’s wearing.

To get the shirt, you need to spend at least RM10 and above. There was a promotion for Oreo at the event, RM2.99 for each roll and a Free exclusive Oreo Cup with every two rolls purchased.

I wanted to get the SuperDad shirt so I bought four but too bad I did not manage to get that design as I need to register before hand for it. Still, I managed to get the Daddy Dunk design. ( the white one)

I even manage to customize it with some drawings XD

It was such a warming event and a lot of families attended it. I saw parents bringing their children for some fun and fathers playing games on the stage just to win some exclusive bags and goodies for their children.

Hmm… how I wish my dad was there. :’)


Celebrate Father’s Day with Oreo Daddy Dunk

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Dad always think about us before himself. Eat lesser, dress simpler, work harder just to bring up the family and for everyone in it to get the best of all. This is how Dad shows his love and care. Like most men, they don’t show affection openly.

So go and accompany your dad do something together. 🙂


Well, if you have no idea what to do together, you can head over and join the Oreo’s Daddy Dunk event this coming 19th June 2011 at 1-Utama Shopping Mall and have some fun there. Celebrity dad, Aaron Aziz will be there as well.


There will be lots of games including the Oreo dunk machine for some dunking experience  for you and your Dad. You can even win some exciting prizes and also an exclusive Oreo Father’s Day t-shirt from the event. 😀


Just bring any Oreo proof or purchase worth RM10 and sign up for the event now 🙂

You can also send some meaningful messages to your loved one with your own personalized Oreo T-Card. 😀

Just select the design you want, type down the message and send to their Facebook/Email. You can also save it down and print it out later as a card. 🙂

Check out Oreo’s Facebook page and also the Oreo Daddy Dunk App for more information.

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