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Miao at Work.

There’s a reason why most artist hide themselves in the room. XD The process where they brainstorming could  be funny and creepy. Sometimes you might even heard them talking to themselves in the room. XD


Almost a or 2 months ago, I was invited to help out to draw something for a co-working space, Work Palette.  If you wonder what is this co-working space, it’s actually a place where you rent a space, room or seat to do your work.

Best for freelancers and young entrepreneurs who yet want to own an office of their own. Here’s some photos of the place.

Some of the drawings I did..

Feel free to drop by there to check out the rest. 🙂

If you are interested bout the place and their service, do visit @WorkPalette Facebook  and Site


Running out of time.

Thank God, it was a fake call. A fella smoke in the non smoking hotel triggering the alarm. D:

This happened in Tune Hotel Penang. Honestly, at a moment there, I was deciding which luggage should I save, my PC or my stock of phone cases and clothes. hahahah

Btw, I’m still in Penang :). Leaving tomorrow, if anyone wanna meetup. Just tweet me up on twitter or FB page 🙂 I might be around Queensbay in the evening.


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If you have not check out Miao&WafuPafu phone cases, feel free to drop by ^^




Drawing in Penang

Sorry for not updating yesterday.  I’m currently out of town and drawing in Penang  🙂 Penangites might be able to see it soon ^^ It’s my first time to draw for an office’s wall.

Very challenging. There are many elements to consider like the whole office theme, cost, surroundings, lighting, material etc. I have been here for 3-4 days and learn quite a lot from the interior designers, the clients and friends. 😀

I have done too many digital drawings and miao that I kinda losing my freehand drawing touch and something non miao. 😐 After this, I think I will go back and start vandalizing my house walls to polish my skill.

Anyway, I will blog bout the place after I’m done.

After that, if you’re in Penang, you can actually drop by the place and check it out as I  openly  put a couple of miao on their walls. Hahah..Not too much that it turns into a Miao office. XD

The place is called Work Palette. It’s located at 11, Medan Maktab, Pulau Tikus, Penang. It’s a co-working space in the residential area behind Gurney.

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P/S: The photos above just some random sketches I did while brain storming.




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