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Paranoid Miao is Paranoid

So a few life ago, I received this email and I went and search up the name on google.

There’s a saying, if it doesn’t exist on google page, it doesn’t exist at all. LOL

It’s a very dangerous world out there. and in order to protect myself, I always make sure the person who contacts me or any emails or links that is send to me are legit. Somehow, I developed this habit to google my potential  new clients or contacts to make sure they are legit humans on earth.  LOL

but I bumped into a non human this round..

jeng jeng jeng…

China Trip

Good Bye! Guang Zhou!!

Part 1 and part 2 here.

 Last post for Guang Zhou yo!  Sorry, there’s little pictures to share as my camera battery went die and all these photos are taken with my phone.

Whenever I travel to another country, there’s two things I must do. First is to check out their McDonald and KFC. Each country tends to have their own special version burgers. In Guang Zhou McD, they have Smoked Bacon Cheese Chicken Deluxe burger and Portuguese styled Pudding Mc Flurry.

The burger was awesome, just 2 additional add ons to the existing Mc Chicken Deluxe gives another degree of awesomeness to it.

So gonna go buy a normal McDeluxe and add cheese and bacon to it. XD

The Pudding McFlurry, is just Mc Flurry with caramel and Oreo bits.

Then, the second thing I must do is to visit the supermarket/mart or 7-11 of the country and check out their potato chips. Same like McD and KFC, every countries will have their snacks customized to fit the taste of their people.

And here I present you Lemon Flavor Potato Chips, now I shall eat like a sir. XD

I found out is a paradise for business people. If you have a shop, then you must visit Guang Zhou. The whole city is a trading hub. There are many buildings with wholesale suppliers. For example, this Nan Fang Building is a 9 floors building with mobile phone accessories, you can get lots of stuffs here at very low price.

Not suitable for tourist like us, so we got bored…

Walking aimlessly..

If you look carefully, you will noticed all the sky in the pictures are cloudy and looks like it gonna rain. But in truth, it is so badly polluted and hazy that the sun is blocked. :/ There’s no sign of blue color in the sky.  

Got bored and decided to go the nearest mall..

while we’re in the train…

You know sometimes people go up to you and ask you to donate some money for them in exchange of toys or something. Well, people here do it differently, they will secretly put the stuffs on you first and have you pay (donate) for it.  =.= Crazy.

What’s more crazy is that when Chicken Jack shook her hand off, the Fox still persists to “hand cuff” him until Chicken Jack have to raise both hands in the air to stop her.

Even in Malaysia, we don’t donate when sometimes they appears to be a scam with the fake Id and stuffs. Here in Guang Zhou, it is obviously a scam lor!!

It was such an awful experience, we felt so disgusted and wanted to leave this place as soon as possible but unfortunately the flight is on the next day. =.=


At that moment, I felt like to take a rocket and leave that place immediately.

Wasn’t in a mood to visit the store after that. We went for a lunch and some desserts..

These are from a franchise dessert shop from Hong Kong and famous for the mangoes which explains all these mangoes. For me, it tasted like any other mangoes XD No different.

Just right after the dessert, I noticed something…

Yea, that’s what I heard before I visit China. I was told that it is a norm to just spit on the floor in China.



=.= seriously..i cannot brain this..

Couldn’t take it longer and didn’t know where to go. We went for a karaoke session to kill our time.

The Karaoke here is damn cheap, less than RM10 for a single room only for an hour. No extra charge if you’re not ordering anything. And the songs are very up to date but only Chinese songs available.

After the karaoke session, we went for our dinner. Actually, we’re not really hungry but just to kill time.  

After the shocking scene where one guy scooped stuffs from the drain, we had all our meals in the malls and restaurant. And some how we ended up in this restaurant serving Chinese Tea in a wine glass.

You know you’re in deep shit when the restaurant serve the most cheapskate tea in a classy tall stand glass.

After seeing the tea, we did not dare to order anything that might be expensive like fish etc.

I’m not really fancy of the food since I have been eating Chinese food quite often in Malaysia.

So it’sjust a better version ones.

After the meal, we lurk around the mall before I insisted to go back to Bei Jing Street for another round of MOS before we leave Guang Zhou.

and the fox strikes again…

and this time cutting my queue!!!

and pretended nothing happens!!!! RAWRRRR!!!!

GARGH!!! As a gentleman, we didn’t pick a fight with him but instead verbally assault him in English. XD

I not sure whether he understands or not as most of the people here does not understand English much unless they are highly educated. If he does, he must be ashamed for what he had done as high education is nothing with such low morality.

Sometimes I think it’s an advantage to be a Malaysians as we know at least 2-3 languages.


Thanks to MOS. The awesomeness of the burger took our anger away.

Suddenly, I feel like taking a plane and fly to Singapore right now just for MOS Burger. XD

We headed back to the Inn.

Bought another potato chip, this chip is good. It’s Cucumber flavor.

It might sounds weird but the chips is very light and refreshing. ^^

A must try flavor.



The next day, we visited the one and only tourist spot over the few days..

The Chen Clan Ancestral Temple.  Actually, I have prepared and made a list of tourist spot to visit but our leader for the trip is not interested in all these historical stuffs which is why we keep visiting the malls. Le sad case.

After visiting this temple, I couldn’t agree more that it was a good decision to visit the malls instead.

The weather was very bad. The pollution, haze and the heat is killing our mood. @@

Took our last meal and we departed to the airport..

The gateway back to the real world. *tears up*

I have never miss home as much as this.


Miao and the Parking Slot Hunt

Anyone experienced this?

Paw….down… if you do




Wafu: Buat malu saja (This is embarassing.)

Miao: Don’t leave me here!!


Small announcement:

Guys, do check out this Calendar from Furry Friends Farm. It comes with many awesome photos of cats and dogs taken by a Malaysia well known photographer,  Steven Goh.  The earnings from the calendars will be given to the our furry friends cats and dogs at Furry Friends Farm.

As for the collaborative calendar, thanks to those who booked. The calendars will arrived my place tomorrow, I will send them out on Friday. Do check your emails, if you yet confirm me your address. By the way, the C.O.D will be in Melaka. 🙂


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