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Miao is not Desperate!

The other day, my PC honey crashed and was sent to the workshop for recovery. Since it will be a long night without the accompany of my wife, I went for a movie to kill some time.

When I was going out, I simply grabbed a shirt from my wardrobe, wore it and rushed out. To my surprise, I actually wore a shirt which my little sister gave me. What’s so special about this shirt is that there’s a “big slogan of “SEX instructor. First lesson free.” on it. Cool right?

At first, I don’t really bother much as it was just a shirt design. But things get kinda awkward when people keep looking and staring at you. O.o

I have problem dealing with too much attentions >.< , I just don’t like it. (hmm..depends on who’s giving LOL)

Anyway, the stares are making me shy and kinda embarrassing only. In the end, I crossed my arms the whole night trying to cover up the wordings which did not seems to work well.

=.= I think my little sister bought the shirt on purpose to make me embarrassed.




And things get more awkward during the screening.

Seriously, its just a shirt and I’m not desperate.



Will you wear a shirt like this?

or going out with someone wearing this?

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