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A No is a No.

no is no

no is no-1

I was having this flu/cold thingy since yesterday and it worsen when I went to work today.

Gosh it was awful, was sneezing, sniffing, and even tearing. T__T

In the end, I was like more busy making wantans instead of doing my work.

And the nose became red because of that.

Sigh… What a start for my brand new year.

no is no-2

Festive Season

Happy Belated Mid Autumn Day.

sick during mooncake festival

Sick since Friday and still is.

Will be back soon. So sorry 🙁


Miao’s First MC.

I’m sick again and took my first MC on Wednesday. Being a productive cat, I don’t really like the feeling lying on the bed doing nothing at all.

In the afternoon when I felt better, I actually went to the bank to settle some of my matters, went to the workshop to get my radio fix and of course went to the hospital to get a shot. Oyah I even went to my Japanese Class at night.

In the end…

Being productive is not a good thing after all.

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