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Festive Season

6 steps on How to shop for Chinese New Year Snacks

The safest place to store them..

Yay or Nah?


Miao&Pafu to the Grocery



I always ended up buying additional stuffs during my groceries shoppe and most of them are unnecessary stuffs like  potato chips and instant noodles but I can’t help it when there’s a new potato chip flavor in store or discount. :/

So my toilet paper shopping ended up with 2 packs of potato chips, 2 packets of instant noodle, 1 pack of fish fillet snack and a packet of apples. =.=



Brings back Memories

Any kind pet lovers out there? Merrinette might needs someone to take care of her hamsters (Puri, Kuri, Furi and Furu). Please do contact her if you’re interested. ^^


MiMi Snack




MiMi brings back memories

Anyone remember these snacks? MiMi and Tam Tam. I actually grew up with these snacks. And it been ages since I last have a pack of these. When my colleague gave me some to eat, it really bring back memories…




bring back memories…..




MiMi Snack-1

MiMi Snack-2

Okay, some memories are better to left alone.

But it really feels good to eating back my childhood snack 😀

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