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Miao On KLUE.

The cat is recovering but the sore throat stills there and standing strong. LOL. I’m trying to drink as much water as I can at the moment and hopefully it will get better within these few days. Its going to be mating season, need to start purring for mates on the rooftop soon. LOL… just joking..

Anyway, at the mean time, please do check out my Guest Blog Post at KLUE Online. Its a post on something I experienced in a cinema some time ago which I found it very interesting. It was posted on Tuesday but I just noticed it today. :P. Hope you guys enjoy the comic strip. 🙂 See you guys soon~~




This gonna be another story XD


Rashes? Red Marks? Bite Marks? Love Marks?

Today I wake up again with red dots on both of my hands and I have no idea where did they came from.  They are pinkish red, with a little bump and its not itchy at all.

The only thing I can think of is mosquito bite marks. ( Some of my colleagues said its allergy instead)

Its not the first time and occurred quite randomly. Sometimes there are only one or two marks, sometimes there are none of them and sometimes there are so many that I looked like as if I had a weird diseases. LOL…

Eventually, they will disappeared after a few days.

And its not contagious.


On the other hand, a colleagues of mine just came back from Bangkok last week and her friend happened to be suspected and quarantined. Currently, we’re not sure whether her friend was infected or not but the hospital are going to send a medical force to check her out just in case.

So may God be with us.

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