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Drawing in Penang

Sorry for not updating yesterday.  I’m currently out of town and drawing in Penang  🙂 Penangites might be able to see it soon ^^ It’s my first time to draw for an office’s wall.

Very challenging. There are many elements to consider like the whole office theme, cost, surroundings, lighting, material etc. I have been here for 3-4 days and learn quite a lot from the interior designers, the clients and friends. 😀

I have done too many digital drawings and miao that I kinda losing my freehand drawing touch and something non miao. 😐 After this, I think I will go back and start vandalizing my house walls to polish my skill.

Anyway, I will blog bout the place after I’m done.

After that, if you’re in Penang, you can actually drop by the place and check it out as I  openly  put a couple of miao on their walls. Hahah..Not too much that it turns into a Miao office. XD

The place is called Work Palette. It’s located at 11, Medan Maktab, Pulau Tikus, Penang. It’s a co-working space in the residential area behind Gurney.

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P/S: The photos above just some random sketches I did while brain storming.




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